Freelance Mac App Bundle

freelance mac app bundle

This is actually a pretty damn good deal (and a perfectly timed one for me, as my 1Password trial just came to an end.) $300+ bucks worth of software for $50. 1Password, Billings, TextExpander, LittleSnapper, Writeroom, Radium, Arq, Alarms and more.

My personal favorites out of the batch are:

1Password – A really great password creation and management tool which usually costs $40 alone. Find yourself forgetting all of your passwords like I do constantly? Then this app is for you.

Writeroom – A distraction free writing app. I basically find myself alternating between this and Ommwriter depending on my mood. Both are cool for their own reasons but since Writeroom is usually $25 by itself, getting it plus 7 other apps for $50 is kinda awesome.

Littlesnapper – This is one of those programs that always looked great to me but i could never justify spending $29 on. It’s basically a scrapbook for all of your screenshots complete with tags and collections. A much better organizational system than my rather cluttered screenshot folder.

Billings – A time billing and invoicing app. I’ve tried a few early versions of this program in the past and always found it somewhat clunky. Perhaps they’ve fixed that, perhaps not, but since it’s basically coming to me for dirt cheap with this bundle I’m going to give it another shot.

The bundle also has some other cool things that I might try down the road namely Arq (a client for Amazon S3 backups) and Radium (an internet radio app.)

All n all this bundle is a win, especially if you’ve ever needed 1Password, Writeroom or Littlesnapper. You’ll basically get all of the other apps for free with your purchase. Good stuff! Hurry up though as this deal ends 8 days from now!

Freelance Mac App Bundle

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