Matthew Modine’s “Full Metal Jacket Diary”

Here’s one of the cooler kickstarter projects I’ve stumbled upon in recent memory. Actor Matthew Modine kept an amazing on-set diary during the filming of Full Metal Jacket. Stanley Kubrick even allowed him to extensively document the process with photos, which Modine compiled into a seriously limited book in the 1990s. Now Modine hopes to share his diaries, photos and more with the masses by releasing an iPad app. Learn more and donate to this very worthwhile project at the link below.

Matthew Modine’s “Full Metal Jacket Diary” Project – Kickstarter.

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  1. DaveHimslef wrote:

    Mathew Modine came into the Texaco where I was pumping gas. He was in an F250 it was full of hay bales and he was in a full sweat. He laughed hard when I pointed out he got his ass handed to him in Pacific Heights. He is A OKAY by me.

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