Nebulous Notes

nebulous notes for iphone and ipad

Nebulous Notes is a very cool text editor that I stumbled upon last night. Best part? It allows you to edit and sync your notes across your idevices (iPhone /iPad/yadda) with the magic that is Dropbox. I’m particularly fond of the old-school green on black terminal look of the “matrix coder” theme. Hurry up and grab Nebulous Notes today though as it’s *free* all day! (Sunday.)

Nebulous Notes.


  1. DibS wrote:

    The fact that themes adjust the brightness is both bizarre and irritating.

    • Redboy wrote:

      I hear ya, but try it out a little more. The dream journal one, for example, is to be used when you awake from a dream – no lights on in the room, etc. You can easily save your preferred settings for each as well. (ps. did i mention that it’s free? :) )

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