Traktor 2

the traktor 2 line of products from Native Instruments

Oh god, here we go again. Yet *more* versions of Traktor are coming out in April. I swear, Native Instruments has the single-most fractured line of products ever. So now they’ll have, what? Traktor, Traktor Scratch, Traktor Pro, Traktor Scratch Pro, Traktor Duo, Traktor Scratch Duo AND all of these new four new “2″ versions? Geezus man. Don’t get me wrong, I do think that Traktor is the best digital-only* solution for DJ’s but this is just getting silly. All I hope is that it won’t take the usual three updates to be solid n’ crash free. Anywho, Skratchworx has a nice lil write-up about the new versions and the official product page is below.

The Next Traktor Generation

*When I say digital-only that’s exactly what I mean. If you want to use vinyl as your control surface go with Serato. They rule that space – No contest.

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